Wheel Weigh Pads

Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch recently commissioned wheel weigh pads at Iveco’s truck manufacturing facility in Dandenong, Victoria.

The wheel weigh pads are used to ensure ideal weight distribution is achieved during truck assembly at the plant.

A truck is driven onto the wheel weigh pads and the individual wheel loading are automatically displayed by the digital weight indicators. Various components of the truck can then be minutely re-positioned to optimise individual wheel loadings while the truck is on the weigh pads.

Accuweigh’s custom weighing solution comprises eight individual wheel weigh pads each connected to separate digital weight indicators to enable each wheels individual weight loading to be readily identified. A digital summing indicator captures and sums the weight readings from each weight indicator to display the total vehicle weight and to relay the weight readings to a PC for logging or quality control purposes.

The wheel weigh pads measure 600mm x 600mm each with a weighing capacity of 5,000 kg, but are available in larger weighing capacities also. To enable the wheel pad scales to be used for different truck configurations, each of Iveco’s scale bases are fitted with on/off ramps for easy truck access. Accuweigh can also supply fully inground wheel weighing systems for high accuracy weighing of vehicles sharing common wheelbase and axle positioning.

IVECO Trucks Australia manufactures and distributes light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles for the Australian road transport industry. Formerly International Harvester and International Trucks, it has been part of Australia’s way of life since 1903. IVECO Australia manufacturing base is in Dandenong, Victoria which has produced more than 200,000 trucks.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has eight branches spread over all mainland states providing sales and service support on wheel weigh pad scales, axle weighbridges and all types of industrial weighing equipment.


A weighbridge comprising three individual decks was recently commissioned by Accuweigh’s Brisbane branches for AJ Bush & Sons in Beaudesert, QLD.

The specific deck lengths of 10m, 8m & 10m allow the multi-deck weighbridge to register individual truck and trailer weight readings of AJ Bush’s proprietary trucks as well as weighing B Doubles trucks without split weighing.

AJ Bush’s truck/trailer combos simultaneously deliver two main products groups (poultry and meat by-products) over the rendering plant weighbridge for processing. Each product is carried in separate compartments to avoid contamination, one product carried on the truck and the other in the trailer. The multi-deck weighbridge configuration allows individual weight readings of the separate products to be identified during a single weighing transaction.

The concrete deck weighbridge measuring 28m x 3m is mounted in a semi-pit foundation with the weighbridge deck at ground level for easier truck access. All weighbridge metalwork is hot dip galvanised for strong corrosion resistance in the external conditions.

The weighbridge’s weighing electronics include:
•    Three individual weight indicators (one for each weighbridge deck)
•    One summing indicator (to display total weighbridge weight)
•    Four external remote displays (for truck drivers to see vehicle weights)

Ticket Aid Pro Weighbridge Software and a printer were also supplied to generate management reports on all captured weighing details. Bollards were also fitted to the access and departure ramps of the weighbridge to eliminate potential tyre damage caused by trucks accidentally striking the weighbridge beams.


Onboard Weighing Systems
Onboard Weighing Systems

Onboard weighing systems supplied by Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch are being fitted to tipper trailers during their manufacture by Armac Welding in Maitland, South Australia.

The onboard weighing systems utilize a set of heavy duty load cells mounted on the trailer chassis and under the hydraulic lifting ram.

The onboard weighing system’s weight readings are provided by a digital weight indicator fitted into the truck’s dash to allow the driver to read the net weight of product in the trailer. A hand held remote display is also available to allow the truck driver to monitor the loading of product from outside the truck while also providing remote access to normal weight indicator functions like zero, tare and print.

The onboard weighing systems are used by local farmers to ensure their trailers are not exceeding legal weight limits while transporting grain and animal feeds on public roads. Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian agent for the UK based PM On-Board range of onboard weighing systems which can also be retro-fitted to existing trailers where required.

PM On-Board specialises in engineered onboard weighing systems for bulk tipping rigid, semi-trailer and drawbar vehicles. The PM BulkWeigh system is designed for high accuracy in rugged environments and is waterproofed to marine quality standards.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states to ensure complete backup and after sales support is available across Australia.

Budpak Bagging Machines Upgraded on Bulk Carrier Ship

Existing Budpak bagging machines mounted aboard an ocean-going bulk carrier were recently upgraded with Budpak’s latest scale controllers. The complete on-board bagging systems were designed and manufactured by Budpak for the innovative BIBO (Bulk In Bag Out) project for delivering bulk and pre-bagged sugar to European ports.

The bagging systems are installed on the carrier vessel CHL Progressor, which was converted into a refined sugar carrier in 1990 in Trieste. The 47,000t capacity bulk refined sugar carrier was fitted with six Budpak Duplex net weight bagging machines to allow discharge of its cargo in 50kg bags at a rate of 360t/hr.

The scale controllers originally fitted were no longer able to be supported with spare parts so the client upgraded the weighing electronics of the bagging machines to Budpak’s latest Pack-Scan 500 weight controllers.

Budpak’s PAK-SCAN 500 is based on an Allen-Bradley touch-screen PLC with custom software to provide an operator-friendly graphical interface to all weighing functions of the bagging machines. Each PACK-SCAN 500 is capable of controlling up to eight weighing buckets and achieving both high-speed filling rates combined with very high bag filling accuracies.

Budpak’s bagging machines are a favourite with sugar companies throughout the Asia Pacific with over 60 retail weighers with six to eight weigh heads each being installed during the last 20 years.

An Accuweigh/Budpak service technician completed the bagging machine upgrade while the vessel was in dry dock in Istanbul, Turkey, with the final commissioning being completed in Holland when the bulk carrier was being loaded with white refined sugar.


Axle Weighbridges are designed to provide fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all vehicle types from light vans to the heaviest multi-axle vehicles.

Supaweigh weighs any vehicle up to 40,000kg per axle ‘in motion’ at speeds up to 15 km/h dependent on application. It is simple to install and relocate and is ideal for sites where space or access is limited.

Supaweigh Typical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 3m x 0.73m x 0.23m
  • Weight of Platform: 860 kgs
  • Weighbridge Capacity: 25,000 kgs per axle
  • System Accuracy: ±1% of gross weight
  • Approvals: In Europe Only, Not Yet in Australia
  • Supaweigh 4000 Keyboard: Alphanumeric
  • Supaweigh 3000 Keyboard: Numeric Only

The vehicle weight is stored within the indicator for future retrieval and a tally roll ticket is printed on request, giving details of:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Axle weights
  • Gross weights
  • Nett weights
  • Product Codes
  • Supplier Codes
  • Analysis by product or supplier
  • Time on or off Site Accuweigh offers a choice of static or in motion systems with a wide range of peripherals such as printers, large scale displays, traffic lights, modems, barriers and automatic vehicle recognition.Accuweigh has chosen to distribute the SupaWeigh in-motion axle weigher system, from Central Weighing.

Harsh Environment Scales For Toll’s Cold Rooms

Harsh Environment Scales For Toll’s Cold Rooms
Harsh Environment Scales For Toll’s Cold Rooms

Harsh environment scales were supplied for use in Toll Tasmania’s cold rooms by Accuweigh’s Melbourne Branch. Two sets of pallet scales that are suitable for harsh environments will be weighing up to 300 pallet movements per day in the food storage cold rooms.

Accuweigh’s A500 pallet scales fitted with X-320 harsh environment digital weight indicators were supplied for full waterproof protection. Rated at IP69K, the X-320 harsh environment indicators have double case sealing to withstand hosing with high pressure water hoses (up to 1450 PSI) and at water temperatures up to 80°C.

The A500 pallet scales are ideal for use in harsh environments as they feature a clean under-plate design to eliminate moisture and product spillage from building up around the load cell mountings which is a main cause of load cell failures in pallet scales used in food areas. Accuweigh’s harsh environment platform scales are Australian Made using quality BPH steel and fully hot dip galvanised to avoid corrosion in wet areas.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all states and we have a very diverse range of standard pallet scales or we can custom manufacture pallet scales, pallet scales and floor scales to suit every application.

Grain Totalising System From Accuweigh

Grain Totalising System From Accuweigh
Grain Totalising System From Accuweigh

A grain totalising system was recently developed by Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch for accurately monitoring grain throughput. The grain totalising system is designed for continuous operation and can also be truck mounted for mobile applications like seed cleaning operations.

The Grain Totalising System uses twin weigh hoppers operating in an alternating sequence to accurately measure grain throughput without causing interruptions to product flow. Each weigh hopper is fitted with an Accuweigh 5000 digital weigh indicator which relays the weight readings to Accuweigh’s ROC – a full industrial grade PC.

The Grain Totalising System can operate from its own backup power and offers full reporting capabilities, generates client invoices on the spot and is also fitted with a GPS interface to allow mobile operations to be positional logged. The ROC provides the much sought after traceability as required for QA systems and a large colour touch screen provides the operator interface to the Grain Totalising System.

Truck Speed Humps Minimise Weighbridge Damage

Truck Speed Humps
Truck Speed Humps

Accuweigh truck speed humps minimise damage to weighbridge load cells caused by heavy truck braking. Accuweigh’s truck speed humps are manufactured in heavy gauge steel to cope with heavy vehicles movements over the weighbridge.

Truck speed humps should be fitted to multi-deck weighbridges which are particularly susceptible to damage caused by heavy truck braking due to the compounding forces generated between the multiple weighbridge decks. Heavy braking forces can be transmitted from loaded decks through to unloaded decks when trucks entering the weighbridge brake suddenly.

Use of truck speed humps ensures a consistently lower approach speed of trucks entering the weighbridge thereby minimising the potential of excessive weighbridge decks movements during truck braking.

Accuweigh’s weighbridge speed humps are manufactured in 10mmm thick checker plate reinforced with heavy steel gussets to ensure an extended working life. All metalwork is hot dip galvanised to eliminate potential corrosion in damp environments and the truck speed humps are firmly bolted in place using multiple Chemsets anchoring bolts in the concrete approaches.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridges and offers a complete range of weighbridge accessories to suit all weighbridge requirements.

Axle Weighing Scales Prevent Axle Overloading

Axle Weighing Scales
Axle Weighing Scales

A set of axle weighing scales were recently relocated for Jim Pearson Transport. The axle weighing scales are used to ensure truck axles can be loaded to legal weight limits for increased cost efficiency while alleviating potential fines for overloaded axle groups.

Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch relocated the axle weighing scales from their previous location at Kempsey and installed them at Jim Pearson Transport’s depot in Grafton. The axle weighing scales are currently being used for internal axle weight checking only, however could easily be upgraded to a trade certified system in future.

After being re-installed, the axle weighing scales were fully tested and calibrated to ensure high weighing accuracy for trucks using the axle scales. The axle weighing scales measure 4m x 3m with a weighing capacity of 30t and is fitted with a Rinstrum R5000 digital weight indicator to generate the weight readings. A Rinstrum D740 large digit remote display is positioned away from the axle weighbridge to allow both the driver and fork lift drivers to see the loaded weight of the truck axles.

Accuweigh is Australia’s industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing complete after sales service and support on axle weighbridges, axle weighing scales and all electronic weighing equipment.